LGA publishes new research into new build houses

LGA publishes new research into new build houses

The Local Government Association (LGA) have published new research today warning that the average new home in England will have to last for 2000 years if the sluggish rate of housebuilding continues.

They also recognise that many new home owners are dissatisfied with the quality of their new home – something we reported on back in April.

Sadly, this news comes as no surprise to us. We know that under the current speculative system, developers will only build new homes at a rate which does not flood the market and disrupt local prices, putting their ability to make profit under jeopardy. And developers will often compromise on the quality of these new build homes in order to ensure they make enough profit, having paid so much for the land.


That’s why we need a different way of building the homes that ordinary people so desperately need. That’s why we need New Civic Housebuilding.


You can read the full LGA story here.

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