Stalled Sites

In England we’re not building enough homes, and haven’t for a generation. It’s at the heart of every housing problem we see – such as surging house prices, unaffordable private renting and worsening homelessness.

Our current housebuilding model isn’t going to solve this housing shortage on its own – we’ve seen years of developer profits skyrocketing, whilst the homes we need are not being built. Those that are built are often of poor quality, too expensive for local people, and put the needs of the local community last.

That’s why we launched an investigation to expose wasted land that could be turned into homes. We asked Shelter supporters to send us examples of empty plots and half-built sites.

What we’ve uncovered together is a shocking illustration of how broken the housing system is. And this isn’t confined to one particular area, our findings show that sites are going to waste all over the country.

Teville Gate, Worthing – an example of a site we’ve uncovered together

Our map of stalled sites

On the map, you can see the details of what’s gone wrong on each site. You can search for sites in your local area, or just browse through all of them. You can even submit your own stalled site and we’ll investigate it for you.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is we’re not building enough homes, and haven’t for a generation.

If you would like to submit a site for investigation please email [email protected]

You can read our manifesto to find out more.


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